Billionaires for Bush and War
For Immediate Release

Say Free Iraqis Of Their Oil

VANCOUVER -- April 26, 2003 -- Billionaires for Bush and War were disappointed again with the pro-U.S. rally that was called today for 11:00 a.m. at the peace flame at the south end of the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver. Last month, on March 30, about 200 to 300 pro-war supporters gathered at the peace flame. Today, only 30 U.S. supporters -- 60 if you counted the large police presence -- came out to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

"I just can't understand it. We keep paying more and more of your -- I mean our -- hard earned cash for these rallies but less and less Canadians show up. What slackers!," said a visibly distraught Lisa Likemoney, one of the billionaires who flew in to attend the event. Lisa was decked out for her Canadian appearance in a stunning red gown and matching "Free Iraqis of their oil!" sign.

"The anti-war people get thousands of protesters out at their rallies, and all we get is canned applause. Don't they know how important it is to liberate our oil that was under their sand?," said Max Profit, one of the billionaire organizers of the event.

Despite another poor turn out, Billionaires for Bush and War continued to be optimistic. "I think it's great that other countries are now building-up up lots of Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction," said Monica VonDollarsign. "Countries like Iraq were in danger of disarming! The US had to attack them and show them that it was a dumb idea! Other countries – take note! Don't disarm or you'll be attacked by the United States! Stock up on Weapons of Mass Destruction now before it's too late!," VonDollarsign said.

"War and occupation is GREAT for business! Our kind of business! We’re Billionaire$$$! We love you George Bu$h!" the Billionaires were heard to have said.

Vancouver's Billionaires for Bush and War was inspired by the popular Billionaires for Bush (or Gore) campaign during the U.S. 2000 presidential election.


For more information:
Max Profit, 604-322-9317,
Lisa Likemoney, 604-537-2044,
Monica VonDollarsign, 604-506-5830,

Photos from the April 26 rally:

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