Billionaires for Billionaires


  • Luge not Legal Aid!
  • Let Them Eat Snow!
  • Free Iraqis of their oil!
  • They pander to you, but they answer to us!
    Big Money's power is marvelous!
  • Take to your cell phones, take to your faxes,
    Join the fight to end all taxes!
  • Let workers pay the tax, so investors can relax!
  • Who needs day care, hire an au pair!
  • Big money united shall never be defeated!
    The rich united shall never be defeated!
  • Welfare for the wealthy!
    Keep our profits healthy!
  • Wealth care not health care!
  • Make a smart investment, buy yourself a President!

  • Free the Forbes 400!
  • We're Non-partisan — We Buy Politicians of Every Political Stripe!
  • We're paying for this country's free elections (so you don't have to)!
  • Vote for Bush... Because Inequality is not Growing Fast Enough!
  • Bribery will get you everything.
  • Corporations are people too.
  • Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his Gucci's.
  • People don't vote, money does.
*Naturally, we hired the best PR firm in the business to create these chants and slogans. If your people come up with anything as good or better than what our people came up with, please inform us, and we will promptly take all the credit for it.